Find Your Bird Garden Zone

To help you garden for birds, we’ve created Bird Garden Zones that span across Canada.
Depending on where you live, and what conditions exist in your area, you can maximize your gardening successes by choosing plants that fall within these Bird Garden Zones. Many birds and plants exist within specific biogeographical regions characterized by many factors including climate, elevation, habitat type, etc. The zones also reflect regions where different groupings of birds reside, hardiness zones for plants, and ecoregions.

Find your Bird Garden Zone in one of three ways:


Look at the static maps provided. In most cases, you should quickly be able to determine which zone (#) you are located in.

Search our interactive map using your postal code or address. Full instructions are on the map

View our additional resources tab for brief zone location text descriptions

Southern British Columbia
Southern Ontario
Southern Québec/Eastern Ontario

If your outdoor space is located near the transition between Bird Garden Zones, you may have an opportunity to include plant species from both zones.

Once you’ve found your Bird Garden Zone and assessed your garden conditions, you’re ready to use our Plant Selector tool.

Use it to build a list of native species that reflect your planting criteria and are the ones most likely to thrive in your zone and attract certain bird types. The species recommendations from the online tool will help you further refine your garden plan and can help nurseries locate local native plants for you.